What are E-Cigs and why are people so crazy about them?


I should start by clarifying what E-Cigs actually are. There are two main types of E-Cigs on the market, and the differences are pretty basic. People like different things, and shop different places, so you have likely noticed two different E-Cig product lines when out with your friends.

When electronic cigarettes first came onto the market, they looked a whole lot like paper cigarettes tobacco companies have been marketing for decades. Slim and small, these first E-Cigs are actually made by tobacco companies such as RJ Reynolds and Imperial Tobacco. Prefilled, their cartridges are replaceable, and they have a few different varieties, all high in nicotine. Touted as the “healthier” cigarette, these are usually available at gas stations or quick marts. Basically these are low priced, less vapor and high nicotine E-Cigs.

The second E-Cig product category contains Vape Pens and Vape Mods. Both Vape Pens and Vape Mods are popular with smokers looking to switch completely to limit nicotine levels. Advanced Personal Vaporizers (AVPs), or Vape Pens, are usually made overseas, and house electronics that allow each Vape Pen user to regulate the nicotine level. Because Vape Pens are popular, their price point remains moderate, about $100 for a foreign made pen. They are give off more vapor than the E-Cigs mentioned above, but are less disposable.

Vape Mods, usually made domestically, allow the most customization of vapors and flavors. For those looking to use this “open system” device, the varieties of vape juice, vapor amount and nicotine options are never-ending. While these are a bigger investment upfront, they are definitely not disposable quality like the E-Cigs mentioned first. These appear to be most popular with smokers looking to drastically cut back nicotine intake without losing smoking altogether. These Vape Mods produce massive amounts of vapor.

Depending on who you ask, flavor favorites vary. The ability to choose your flavor for your next smoke is a really appealing draw for those who vape. Looking for something new? Check out www.illicitliquids.com for the latest in vapes and mods.

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